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(AKA "Naski)

So the discussion was; "Do we write our bios in the third person so we can shamelessly talk ourselves up, or do we write them from the "first person," modestly highlighting our accomplishments? Hmmmm.....well.....in the "first person" it is, then!" And I, for one, have no problem telling you all just how fantastic I am! :) (Laughter from my band mates here please) Although I've been playing bass a good many years, guitar is actually my first instrument. And before I alienate you "Bass playing Rush aficionados", hear me out! I have always considered myself to be a heavily rhythmic and groove oriented guitarist. Not that this alone qualifies me to pull off Geddy's role, but I do consider him to be a very melodic bass player, and quite guitar-like in his aggressive approach. So I guess I'd like to think we meet somewhere in the middle, which makes for a respectable interpretation.




  • A: I've been the guitar player for Herb Reed and The Platters since 1994. It continues to be a great gig, and I take pride in the fact that Herb, an inductee to the Rock n Roll hall of fame, is the only original member performing to date. This gig has brought me to several exotic locations including Europe, the Caribbean, Canada and Hawaii to name a few - and also the Apollo Theater.
  • B: Played for other Hall of Fame inductees such as: Bill Pinkney and Charlie Thomas from The Drifters, and Carl Gardner from The Coasters. Other artists I've played for/with, are; Pat Upton, Anthony Vitti, DD Martin, Jon Finn, Traci Toguchi and Joe Merrick.
  • C: Recorded "A Journey of Hope" CD, also with the aforementioned Herb Reed and the Platters.
  • D: Appeared on "Time Life's Doo Wop 50" - A DVD concert filmed in Philadelphia, PA.
  • E: Recorded projects for purposes of Berklee School of Music


The Lotus Endeavor:

I've always had an endearing affection for the music of Rush, and have had a tribute band on my "to do" list for several years. Finally in the summer of 06, I found these boys who share the same obsessive approach; an approach that inevitably compels us to incorporate every authentic Rush nuance into whatever amazing tune of theirs we may be playing.


So, after countless hours of rehearsing, listening to Cd's, and watching tape, it would seem we are ready to bring this project to all of Rush's hard core fans out there who, I believe, will be as understandably critical of us as they are loyal to the real thing.

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