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I began taking guitar lessons at age 7 and got lucky with a great price on my first 'real' guitar, a vintage '79 Les Paul Custom that is beat up but still plays great! Early influences have remained constant with Jimmy Page at the forefront. In the 1990's I played with Lotus-Land band mate Mark Dalton in two all original projects, "The Lye" and "Shiny Green Flies". Moderate attention was had under "Shiny Green Flies" with highlights being the Ticketmaster showcase and gigs opening for the Alarm and ELO II. In addition to being a Rush fan, I have always admired Alex Lifeson's unconventional soloing and chord play; (when you sit down and really listen to Alex, the nuances are huge !) As for Lotus-Land, I feel that I couldn't be matched up with better teammates than Mark and Chris for a Rush Tribute band.

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